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australian_slang.enacademic.com › Snagger
Look at other dictionaries: Snagger — [Edlund CK, Lee WH, Li D, Van Den Berg DJ, Conti DV. [http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471 2105/9/174 Snagger: A user ...

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Novette laser
The Novette target chamber (metal sphere with diagnostic devices sticking out), which was reused from the Shiva project and two newly built laser chains visible in background. Novette was a two beam neodymium glass (phosphate glass) testbed…

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@enacademic: υπεισέλευση... https://tg.rip/enacademiccom/49239 υπ&epsilon ...

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english_tagalog_new.enacademic.com › blameless
Look at other dictionaries: Blameless — Blame less, a. Free from blame; without fault; innocent; guiltless; sometimes followed by of. [1913 Webster] A bishop ...

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TIL in 1975, Emil Matalik, a US Presidential candidate wanted to limit families to one pet and one tree in their yard. Because there were just too many dogs and trees using up all the water.

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16 Jul 2020 · enacademic.com · anemone - Enciclopedia Italiana a nɛmone/ s.m. o f. [dal lat. anemōne, gr. anemṓnē, tutti e due femm. e con il sign. 1]. 1.

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aviation_dictionary.enacademic.com › downwash_angle
The angle formed between the direction of air movement as it approaches an airfoil and as it leaves it.

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Look at other dictionaries: αἰνούς — αἰνός dread masc acc pl (epic ionic) … Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες).Media

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Duong Tam Kha - enacademic.com
Early years. Dương Tam Kha was one of Dương Đình Nghệ's sons, brother of Ngô Quyền’s wife, empress Dương. According to “Đại Việt sử lược” (大越史略) (abridged historic book of Great Viet), his birth-name was Dương Chủ Tướng (楊 主 將), but according to “Tống sử” (宋史, History of the Song Dynasty), he was named Dương Thiệu Hồng (楊 ...

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British Code of Advertising Practice - …
The Committee of Advertising Practice publishes the British Code of Advertising Practice which covers advertising and the Code of Sales Promotion Practice ().Whether other businesses complain of infringement of the conditions, such complaints are made to the CAP; in the case of complaints by consumers, these are made to the Advertising Standards Authority ().

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Derived from the long white tunic (tunica alba, or linea) commonly worn in the Greco-Roman world, the alb was retained by the Christian clergy as a vestment after secular styles began changing in the 6th century AD.In the 10th century the plain alb was decorated with embroidery on the hem and cuff, and it was later decorated with four or five rectangular patches of embroidery called parures ...

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inviolable - English-Tagalog new dictionary

Look at other dictionaries: inviolable — [ ɛ̃vjɔlabl ] adj. • 1328; lat. inviolabilis 1 ♢ Qu il n est pas permis de violer, ou d enfreindre. ⇒ intangible, 1. sacré.